Phoenix Newcomers Club Fraternal Social Organization Vintage ca 1960s-1970s RARE Name Badges Organizer Wooden Display Case (GREAT Storage Organizer for Jewelry) *****PARCEL POST SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description:   Vintage ca 1960s-1970s “The Greater Phoenix Newcomers Club” fraternal social organizationRARE & VIRTUALLY ONE-OF-A-KINDdecorative wooden name badges/name cards display case/storage box with carrying handle.


***This unique novelty item is not only functionally utilitarian but also quite aesthetically attractive with its stunning artistically-ornamented front-side, raised/embossed-style, hand-painted imagery by “L. Hanks”, depicting a beautiful and majestic “Phoenix bird rising upwards out of a flaming fire”. The colors utilized for this imagery are all vibrant hues of fiery orangeish-red, tangerine orange, lemon yellow and navy blue, with accent touches of jet black.


The lettering for the club’s name, “The Greater Phoenix Newcomers Club”, is of an “incised, indented” consistency, and is handpainted navy blue to complement the decorative imagery of the Phoenix bird.


It appears that this handled, heavy wooden carrying case was used for the purpose of displaying name badges/name plates/name tags at various get-togethers, meetings, functions, gatherings, occasions, and events held by this social organization.


The case interior is divided into 4 sections. When it is displayed in its “open” position, on each side (to the left and right) of its thick middle wood portion are two (2)/double doors-style mustard-yellow felt-like material cloth-covered sections which contain clearly-delineated, ridged horizontal “rows/tiers” that are deeply “impressed” into the material.  This would be where the members’/guests’ name badges were affixed/adhered.


Along the top wooden edges on the interior of the case are strips of paper/tape containing the letters of the alphabet as follows:

*The strip at the top of wooden panel section #1 is marked “A thru E”

*The strip at the top of wooden panel section #2 is marked “F thru J”

*The strip at the top of wooden panel section #3 is marked “K thru P”

*The strip at the top of wooden panel section #4 is marked “Q thru Z”


The perfectly functioning exterior closures for the case are metal and clasp-like, allowing for smooth and secure closure/locking of the box.


***Highly cross-collectible, this marvelous storage case will appeal to a broad range of collectors, ranging from “Fraternal” memorabilia fans, particularly members/former members of “The Greater Phoenix Newcomers Club”, to those aficionados of exceptional “Folk Art” imagery (the Phoenix bird “L. Hanks” painting), to anyone in need of a multi-purpose, multi-functional yet decorative storage box/display case (e.g. “Costume Jewelry” connoisseurs - collectors and sellers alike).


Both collectors and sellers of costume jewelry items would have on hand a fabulously convenient as well as attractive means by which to not only display but transport/store their collectibles (at home or at shows/festivals/sales venues). 


Dealers of antique/vintage costume jewelry (or other small items) would be able to use this box/case to transport merchandise to and from their stores/antiques malls venues &/or festivals/fairs, or merely to keep in their vehicles when meeting one-on-one with special customers. All the items stored in this case would remain neat, organized and present a visually stimulating and appealing display to potential patrons!


Excerpted Research Information:  We have conducted extensive research in an attempt to learn more about this social group, and have found archived newspaper articles online which reference the existence and numerous activities of this auspicious organizations dating all the way back to 1961, though the group was not officially incorporated with the Arizona Corporate Commission until February 11, 1977 as “The Greater Phoenix Newcomers Club, Inc.”, a “Social” and “Non-Profit” organization. Although the club’s filing status shows as “Dissolved” September 13, 2002, additional online references to their activities appear as recently as May 4, 2003 regarding the “Greater Phoenix Newcomers Club Purse” at the “Turf Paradise, Phoenix” horse racing track facility.


Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1960s-1970s


Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*The manufacturer of the box/case is unknown.


*The artist who painted the Phoenix bird is L. Hanks.


Material(s)/Format:    Wood exterior; material-lined interior



*In closed position, case measures 12 3/4"W x 22 ½”H x 6"


*In open position, case measures 25 3/4"W/Across


Quantity: One (1)



*Exterior of the case remains in very good to excellent condition, exhibiting only a normal and not unusual (for its age and usage) modicum of wood wear/rubbing. Its decorative painted imagery and lettering/wording are near mint, with both the bird painting AND the club’s name wording/lettering remaining completely intact and its paint colors as vibrant as if they were only just painted today! 


*The interior material portions of the case are also in excellent condition. There are no torn sections, only the slightest bit of thinning to a couple of areas, as well as bit of minor puckered portions. On the section captioned “K-P”, on the lower left corner section (third row from the bottom, far left), a wee bit of the material has bunched up.




Title: Phoenix Newcomers Club Fraternal Social Organization Vintage ca 1960s-1970s RARE Name Badges Organizer Wooden Display Case (GREAT Storage Organizer for Jewelry) *****PARCEL POST SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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